SAP Rollout Projects

Integrating various locations or subsidiaries into existing IT systems is very complex. Local requirements and head office guidelines have to be harmonized, and legal provisions need to be observed. Carve-outs pose equally extensive issues, resulting from new basic parameters or new ownership. Whether your company operates across India or worldwide, we take your entire IT landscape into account – from process planning to implementation and documentation.

The integration of your subsidiaries or branches into existing SAP solutions is a special challenge. So is the carve-out of part of your organization. In order to master these processes successfully, with time usually playing a critical role, you should count on experts – from process planning to implementation and documentation.

We keep local distinctions – culture, language, and law – in mind at all times.

1. Smooth process

Our experts make sure that the project does not affect your business operations.

2. Internationality

We have an international presence and a global network of strong partners.

3. Intercultural skills

Integrating various locations or divisions with the central SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system is on our agenda almost daily.

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